Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Did you know that....?


1. In 2013 was stopped highway construction in Iceland due to the elves, which will be, as the local ecosystem, damaged by the contructions.

2. Under the glacier in Antarctica, which is sites rough several kilometres, is land.

3. There are 4 national anthems, with no official lyrics, these are anthem of Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

4. During sleep hold sea otters hands, to don´t lost each other.

5. If you want to run before a crocodile, you have run in zig-zag.  

6. Sheep, duck and cock were first animals in hot air balloon.

7. Air raid shelters located in Stockport, UK, were originally built as a place for garage.

8. In 1963 was by volcanic activity created island Surtsey, near Iceland.

9. First elephant hospital in the world opened Soraida Salwala in 1993.

10. Average human dream lasts only for few seconds.