Friday, 26 October 2018

Did you know that....?

1.       On court of George I was living also „Wild Peter,“ abandoned boy found in German forest. Even he get therapies and best teachers, attempts to civilize him, failed. There is a presumption that boy could had Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, disorder which cause  among other things also developmental delay.

2.       Left lung consists of 2 parts and right lung of 3.

3.       Dolphin doesn´t have automatical breath. To not die, dolphins are sleeping partly. For part of the night they close one eye and let sleep one part of the brain, then they change eyes to let rest second part of brain.

4.       The smallest snake is the Barbados threadsnake (Leptotyphlops carlae). Adults has approximately 10 cm.

5.       Daniel Hess, invetor of first vacuum cleaner, was originally carpet cleaner who invented first machine that type, because of his asthma.

6.       Iridology is scientific discipline, which examines through our iris health status.

7.       In army we can find different animals like dogs, rats, elephants, dolphins, seals, camels, horses, etc.

8.       Horse can´t breathe through his mouth.

9.       People originally did not believe that platypus is real animal, they thought that to the beaver´s leather was stitched beak.

10.   Hedgehog is not eating apples or pears as is often painted. Typical food for them are worms, caterpillars and insects.  

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