Wednesday, 17 August 2016

5 different things to do in summer

Summer is already nearly at the end and many of us don´t know, even they are glad from this part of year, what to do with the rest of free time. Maybe your are still students thus have more time during this part of the year, or you have vacation time or at least you want to try something new. Yes, you can go swim, ride a bike, read a book, but you are already doing these things on regulary base. Why not to try something new? Something different? You can try this:

5D Cinema

There is big possibility that you already heard about this. It´s like 3D cinema but with more effects like moving, water, wind, fog and so on. Maybe you thinking about trying this fun. I already tryed this, at the starting of this year. There are different types of movies which you can try like for children, adventure, horor, etc. I choose adventure one, it was about adventure under the sea. 

It last for 5 minutes (thankfully only 5  ) and the start was ok. It started as the going down on the ladder to the submarine and then you are like in that submarine and floating in the sea. The chairs were moving slowly. The quality of the picture and glasses weren´t as high and good and even it was 3D you saw that its only a film but it changed when we get to pirate with treasure. I don´t know what will happen, but what happened was that the pirate drew his sword and stabbed me in the belly. Yes, head knew that it was only the film but the eye that moment saw and feel really horrible and don´t know if it was suggestion or what but I felt it. After that the chairs were moving faster, on different parts was jumping on me different creatures and tryed to bite me. And the most of the time I have my eyes closed because it was hard for me. At the end the submarine get to the sea level, water squirted my head. Don´t know from where it came and at the total end, the near island became a big creature and the last thing which I saw was big mouth with teeths.

So the result, even my stomach surely have different idea, it was interesting, it was something new and different for me. If you will have any problem you can any time stopped it, so if you are big film fan, you can try it. its something different.


Yes, I see that idea in your heads, FINALLY summer and I am writing about course. Yes, I do. But something what you don´t have normally in school. It can be drivers school, some totaly new language, or some hobby time of course like ceramic. Something to go out and try something new and different. You will spent in good way your free time, you will meet new people and learn something new. One of the courses which I tryed was course of Chinese. It was something what we don´t have in school as possible language to learn because you don´t have many possibilites of using it. But why not? So I learn something new, meet new people, but it was harder to write something, you surely image it. But if you have some relation or feeling for something it will be surely easier to learn something new. Just find it 

Sightseeing tower

In your city is surely some high place from which you take a look on your place/nature. It can be tower, castle on the rock, or only rock, or some sightseeing place somewhere high. Its wonderfull look. In my city we have also awesome place in the high of 95 metres. I was there in the evening and also during the day. In the evening/night when sun is already gone and you can see big bright moon and stars and all those city lights in dark, its just awesome, is beautiful, romantic, just great. During day you see much farther than during the night. You see how small you are in the city and you can think about yourself and existence. Its surely place to visit.


Maybe you don´t like high places. If is near your place some river try cruise. You can try rafting, motor boat, sightseeing boat. If you will try sightseeing boat maybe you will have possibility of guide and will learn new things about your city. But there are still more and more possibilities you can go by ship there and back on bikes. Many organizations are doing cruises on all day and you can go anywhere in second city – museum, water world, anywhere. Its something how you can spend you time and really nice.

Escape game

And total number one what to try is Escape game. You surely already heard about it, you will go to the room or house and thanks to different clues you will get out. You will go there in a group – is better when you will go in group because different people know different things and more heads more know. But if you don´t like small rooms and escaping is not your cup of coffee you try similar games. This week we went to similar game. It was in the city and based on clues we should deactived a bomb. At the start we get instructions and closed envelopes. After we revealed first task, we get answer and according to that we opened the next envelope and continuing. Some of them weren´t very logical, but it was about that path, we probably never before looked on the places in the city so detailed, it was something new. Should try. 

I hope that my short list will inspire you and you will enjoy the last weeks of summer. You can feed me back how you like it. I will look forward to your comments. 

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