Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sports for babies (EN)

We all know the health benefits of sport, respectively regularly performed physical activities. From the huge amount we can mention for example improving of mental functions and overal mental condition, reducing stress and anxiety, alleviate difficulties with joints or weight reduction. Many young mothers may, however ask whether is sport suitable for babies?

Although there are many opinions, that say that babies basically do not need any special sports and at their age are sufficient their natural activities like crawling, walking and playing, according to David Geller special classes where are babies practicing „can teach you new ways to communicate with your baby, you will discover what physical capacity at the given age baby has and, finally, if the baby has any physical or neurological problems, children´s courses exercise and physical therapy can be extremely helpful for the child development.“ We might therefore ask what sport is the best for our babies?


People used to say that the movement in the water is for us the most natural. In many countries of the world is currently swimming with babies natural part of life of mothers and their children, because this activity strengthens muscles, develops their motor skills and physical coordination, balance, orientation and socialization skills. Moms should not forget that swimming is recommended for their babies from age of 6 weeks, because earlier is baby threatened by infections.

Due to the fact, that moves are in water much easier, may be moms interested in whether is this sport suitable for babies with disabilities. As reported by Monika Kováčová for these children is swimming something „awesome! Water replaced them what they can´t do on ground (...) they are happy because in water they can make moves, which normally their health do not allow.


Yogu can be characterized as a set of exercises designed to unite body, mind and spirit. At first glance it might seem that these 5000 years old excercises representing the connection of physical exercises and breathing techniques can be for babies at such a young age inappropriate, but so called Itsy Bitsy Yoga is for our little ones, for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. This yoga, whose founder is Helen Garabedian represents a unique blend of yoga postures, pediatric, respiration and various relaxation techniques.

According to Garabedian this yoga „helps sleep longer and stimulate mental and physical development.“ Yoga with babies has also positive effects on moms. From them we can mention the internal balance or getting new powers after birth. Furthermore, as states the yoga instructor Radha Třešňáková „mothers and babies can meet with their peers and to the daily routine is introduced a new element, concentration, game.“


Classical, Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology and sport. Currently we can of these and other ones choose and achieve the health improvements. In addition to well-known benefits such as reducing stress, boost immunity, stabilize blood pressure, improve the flow of oxygen in the body or muscle relaxation may have special types of massages other benefits such as promoting hair growth. As reported Štefan Zakuťanský, discoverer of the existence of the self-healing instinct „the healing effects of massage on inflammation are similar than as those from the chemical drugs. Furthermore, I was able to discover also that the effect of massage overtake medicines in that they can cure previously incurable chronic inflammation.“

But what with massages and babies? Overall, it is important that moms and dads should be during the massage calm and massaging the baby in a quiet, warm place. It is very important to massage baby with a gentle touch. Just calm, sensitive and gentle approach is necessary because, according to the study from the Minessota University, babies can learn anger, aggression and assume parents´ behaviour from the age of few weeks.

If you will decide for any sport with you baby, you should never forget on eye contact, gentle treatment and monitoring of the baby´s mood. In the case, when the baby´s mood changes, it is recommended to stop the activity. Of course, important is also consultation with the pediatrician, because not every activity is really suitable for everyone.

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