Sunday, 8 March 2015

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Pula, a wonderful city, from where every place oozes history of ancient times, is located on the Istrian Peninsula, Croatia. 3000 years ago was built this city by Illyrians. Later ruled the city Romans, who inhabited this place from 1 century and left there many monuments, which are till these days telling us ancient stories. Some of these monuments are: the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi, which was built to honour three members of the family who held important positions in Pula, Hercule´s Gate, which was a part of the Roman fortifications, Twin Gates, the Temple of Augustus or a Small Roman Theatre in the town centre. Probably the biggest attraction is the Roman amphitheater, known also as the Pula Arena, which was built around the same time as the Colloseum in Rome.

When we visited this place we have luck to heard one local legend which says, that Arena was built during night by fairies, who didn´t have enough time to end this construction and with first morning rays hid in safety. Arena remained unfinished. As can many people imagine in the past were in Arena held gladiatorial contests, but, currently it is a scene of various cultural events.

Another interesting matter binding to the Arena is the fact, that many from stones can be found in Venice, because Venetians, after the conquest of Pula, devastated amphitheater and turned it into a source of material for building palaces and buildings. Finally, near the Arena were found more than two thousand amphorae, which can visitors see in permanent exhibition in the underground of Arena. I can truly say that this exhibition is really interesting and if you wanna to see something from things, which people used in ordinary day in past, you should also see this place.

During our visit we found out that Pula is not only a historical city, which thanks to the many interesting sights attracts tourists from all over the world, but also a modern metropolis, the seat of the most important and biggest port in Istria, shipyards, international airport and the textile industry.
However, if you come to the city because of relax, you will be also satisfied. On this peninsula with rugged coastline and crystal clear sea, in which you can go from many beaches of fine gravel or stones, can be used varied menu of different sports from scuba diving, fishing and water skiing to cycling, golf, basketball or tennis.

Next, you can try different meals from which can be mentioned pizza, pasta or seafood but also brodetto (fish stew), black cuttlefish risotto, fritaja, maneštra (thick soup) and so on.

Whether you go to Pula because of entertainment, history, sports or culture, you will sure be captivated as thousands of tourists who come here every year...


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