Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Did you know that....?


1. In 2013 was stopped highway construction in Iceland due to the elves, which will be, as the local ecosystem, damaged by the contructions.

2. Under the glacier in Antarctica, which is sites rough several kilometres, is land.

3. There are 4 national anthems, with no official lyrics, these are anthem of Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

4. During sleep hold sea otters hands, to don´t lost each other.

5. If you want to run before a crocodile, you have run in zig-zag.  

6. Sheep, duck and cock were first animals in hot air balloon.

7. Air raid shelters located in Stockport, UK, were originally built as a place for garage.

8. In 1963 was by volcanic activity created island Surtsey, near Iceland.

9. First elephant hospital in the world opened Soraida Salwala in 1993.

10. Average human dream lasts only for few seconds.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Did you know that....?

1.       On court of George I was living also „Wild Peter,“ abandoned boy found in German forest. Even he get therapies and best teachers, attempts to civilize him, failed. There is a presumption that boy could had Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, disorder which cause  among other things also developmental delay.

2.       Left lung consists of 2 parts and right lung of 3.

3.       Dolphin doesn´t have automatical breath. To not die, dolphins are sleeping partly. For part of the night they close one eye and let sleep one part of the brain, then they change eyes to let rest second part of brain.

4.       The smallest snake is the Barbados threadsnake (Leptotyphlops carlae). Adults has approximately 10 cm.

5.       Daniel Hess, invetor of first vacuum cleaner, was originally carpet cleaner who invented first machine that type, because of his asthma.

6.       Iridology is scientific discipline, which examines through our iris health status.

7.       In army we can find different animals like dogs, rats, elephants, dolphins, seals, camels, horses, etc.

8.       Horse can´t breathe through his mouth.

9.       People originally did not believe that platypus is real animal, they thought that to the beaver´s leather was stitched beak.

10.   Hedgehog is not eating apples or pears as is often painted. Typical food for them are worms, caterpillars and insects.  

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Did you know that....?


  1. The most southern active volcano is Mount Erebus located in Antarctica.
  2. The first elephant, to which was given prosthesis replacing the missing limb was in 2007 7 – months old Mosha.
  3. Dickin Medal is a British war medal awarded exclusively to animals
  4. Each chinese zodiac animal didn´t has only his year, but even his 2 hours in day.
  5. Chinese fortune cookie were first time been made by Japanese immigrants in United States.
  6. In Europe are only few geysers with cold water. One is in Slovakia, one in Germany and few on Iceland.
  7. Original name of Mickey Mouse was Mortimer Mouse.
  8. King George V, was one of the people, who saw phantom ship, generally know as Flying Dutchman.
  9. The name of the Pacific Ocean is based on Mare Pacificum, which was given by Fernão de Magalhães, during his first voyage, during which he did not notice any storm. The paradox is, that this ocean is the most stormy.
  10. Robert Scott tried to reach as first South Pole with ponies. This attempt was not the luckiest , as the race of South Pole won Roald Amundsen with dogs. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

5 different things to do in summer

Summer is already nearly at the end and many of us don´t know, even they are glad from this part of year, what to do with the rest of free time. Maybe your are still students thus have more time during this part of the year, or you have vacation time or at least you want to try something new. Yes, you can go swim, ride a bike, read a book, but you are already doing these things on regulary base. Why not to try something new? Something different? You can try this:

5D Cinema

There is big possibility that you already heard about this. It´s like 3D cinema but with more effects like moving, water, wind, fog and so on. Maybe you thinking about trying this fun. I already tryed this, at the starting of this year. There are different types of movies which you can try like for children, adventure, horor, etc. I choose adventure one, it was about adventure under the sea. 

It last for 5 minutes (thankfully only 5  ) and the start was ok. It started as the going down on the ladder to the submarine and then you are like in that submarine and floating in the sea. The chairs were moving slowly. The quality of the picture and glasses weren´t as high and good and even it was 3D you saw that its only a film but it changed when we get to pirate with treasure. I don´t know what will happen, but what happened was that the pirate drew his sword and stabbed me in the belly. Yes, head knew that it was only the film but the eye that moment saw and feel really horrible and don´t know if it was suggestion or what but I felt it. After that the chairs were moving faster, on different parts was jumping on me different creatures and tryed to bite me. And the most of the time I have my eyes closed because it was hard for me. At the end the submarine get to the sea level, water squirted my head. Don´t know from where it came and at the total end, the near island became a big creature and the last thing which I saw was big mouth with teeths.

So the result, even my stomach surely have different idea, it was interesting, it was something new and different for me. If you will have any problem you can any time stopped it, so if you are big film fan, you can try it. its something different.


Yes, I see that idea in your heads, FINALLY summer and I am writing about course. Yes, I do. But something what you don´t have normally in school. It can be drivers school, some totaly new language, or some hobby time of course like ceramic. Something to go out and try something new and different. You will spent in good way your free time, you will meet new people and learn something new. One of the courses which I tryed was course of Chinese. It was something what we don´t have in school as possible language to learn because you don´t have many possibilites of using it. But why not? So I learn something new, meet new people, but it was harder to write something, you surely image it. But if you have some relation or feeling for something it will be surely easier to learn something new. Just find it 

Sightseeing tower

In your city is surely some high place from which you take a look on your place/nature. It can be tower, castle on the rock, or only rock, or some sightseeing place somewhere high. Its wonderfull look. In my city we have also awesome place in the high of 95 metres. I was there in the evening and also during the day. In the evening/night when sun is already gone and you can see big bright moon and stars and all those city lights in dark, its just awesome, is beautiful, romantic, just great. During day you see much farther than during the night. You see how small you are in the city and you can think about yourself and existence. Its surely place to visit.


Maybe you don´t like high places. If is near your place some river try cruise. You can try rafting, motor boat, sightseeing boat. If you will try sightseeing boat maybe you will have possibility of guide and will learn new things about your city. But there are still more and more possibilities you can go by ship there and back on bikes. Many organizations are doing cruises on all day and you can go anywhere in second city – museum, water world, anywhere. Its something how you can spend you time and really nice.

Escape game

And total number one what to try is Escape game. You surely already heard about it, you will go to the room or house and thanks to different clues you will get out. You will go there in a group – is better when you will go in group because different people know different things and more heads more know. But if you don´t like small rooms and escaping is not your cup of coffee you try similar games. This week we went to similar game. It was in the city and based on clues we should deactived a bomb. At the start we get instructions and closed envelopes. After we revealed first task, we get answer and according to that we opened the next envelope and continuing. Some of them weren´t very logical, but it was about that path, we probably never before looked on the places in the city so detailed, it was something new. Should try. 

I hope that my short list will inspire you and you will enjoy the last weeks of summer. You can feed me back how you like it. I will look forward to your comments. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Job seeking

If you are reading this, you probably also want a new job. Many people will tell you how it is easy, simple and so fast if you will doing things under some rules, and I will write you the truth. Its not easy, not simple and you can try to make things and to think about it in any possible way it wouldn´t be easy. Yes you can think in possitive way, I also tryed it. I am still trying it. I went on many job interview with positive mind, I learned everything possible about that firm where I went, I was checking the possible questions which can searcher give to you and have answers. I have also education on those positions, also practice, I took nice dress and of course nothing helped me. So I was on many, many bad job interviews and met there horrible people and here they are:

1. Sloth

Yes, sloth as an animal. If you already saw film Zootopia you saw also that terribly slow sloth. He was ok, he was slow but fine. But now to that slowly sloth add also the biggest boredom ever. It was the most horrible combination. And this bored sloth lead the job interview where I came. Still have that idea in mind and this person, this person, told me: "we want somebody excited for this job. We want somebody who will work each day with enthusiasm." Still in shock...

2. Why you want to work here?

Many times you are not going on job interviews to your dream job. You just need some job. Same as me, I went there and the lady which lead the interview said: "well you have great work experiences for this, you have education, why you want to work here and not somewhere else?" My first idea was what?! So they didn´t take me there because I was too qualified. To be truly when I am seeking a good worker I will take to job a good worker...

3. Yes you need connections

Sooo many people will tell you how you don´t need connections and to know right people on right places. YOU NEED TO. Once I was on job interview on position of court reporter. I am writing really good and fast. So why not to try it. There was around 30 people on this. It was on nearly whole day, and there was more parts. Like if you have right education and if you know how to write on PC, etc. During the day I was a witness as a worker of court (don´t know the position) went around three adepts and said: "aahh, this is only formality for you, you will get it." I was stupid and  I believed that I had a chance (HA HA). And will win justice but she´s sooooo blind. So how it ended. There last 7 people. I was there, three "only formality" people and three unknown people. These three unknow people went on last round, I was also waiting on it and when somebody came from the room I asked how it was there. The answer each time was: "oh, nothing, they only ask me on my study and why I am here." So I though fine, it wasn´t. I get finally to the room. And they started to ask me: "on which departments is divide this court? what are doing these departments? with what efficiency,?" And how it ended? Those three "only formality" was already working there on some lower position, so they get those three free places, those three unknown people get their previous positions and I was sended away. I have education, I answer on their questions, I write on PC as one of the fastest and it didn´t helped me, why? because of NO CONNECTIONS. If someone from you have now a crazy big need to write me on this a comment why I didn´t do this and that and I should say this and that just don´t. In reality, it works like when you want the justice and you are in right, everything on world will be your failure and you will be pusnih, so just don´t write comment on this...

4. Yes you really need them

I was a witness of this in my previous job. Boss wanted a new worker but it was like a "ask all your friends about which you think that could do this job." And this is each time, first is firm looking for some worker on lower positions, then workers are asking some friends. Yes you will do it, again, if you have crazy need to comment this with NO, just don´t do it. And why you will do it? Because when will came your boss and he/she will ask you if you don´t know somebody good or right for this you wouldn´t said oh I will write right in this moment on internet that we are seaking for worker. No, you will think and you will get idea like oh, wait, Johny, Mike, July (or any other person) is searching for job. And you have candidate. I have also once talked with one lady who were already in retirement. She was working on half time or from time to time in her previous job to help new worker. She didn´t have any knowledge about the thing, or education or practice. Just nothing, just knew the right person. But when I asked how are people getting there jobs it was like you need more practice, don´t you want to go back to school to have more and more education? Like a, thanks for nothing...

5. Stupid questions

I was before few weeks on a job interview where it started in a normal way. There were a man with woman. The man asked me : How are you? I said Fine, thanks. Then he told me that job interview have three stages and this is first part with some basic questions and that How are you was the first. He asked me what  I answered. Like a when it is such a needable answer he should listen, remember and write it down. I answered him that he can write what he want and give me second question. Yes this was the RIP of whole job interview. Because I said what I really mean and not going crazy from his "awesome" questions. The second was also "really" good it was what you want from job? I said that  I don´t understand, from job I want job. In this way went whole interview and didn´t call me again. You can think that these questions was important in psychological way and so on, but those questions will help if will be better specified and if will the person write down the answers...

6. Personal agencies

Oh, yes, personal agencies. I think that everyone at least once tryed to find job through them, maybe have somebody luck. I don´t. I was before a month in once of these agencies and the man who led the interview asked me on how many job interview I was from the start of the year. I said 20, I am active person, I want to work, I want to be independent. I am searching for job. And he asked me why I didn´t get a new job? Wau. I told him that some of them wanted the starting of work as soon and that time I couldn´t, or they want some special skills which I didn´t have. And he ended it like oh these couldn´t be reasons each time. And I really like to told him that I don´t have enough connections and friends to get a good job...

7. Library

During the writing of this article I remembered on one really "nice" job interview. It was to library. It wasn´t nothing special, you don´t needed practice or education and I need job, So I tryed it, I and the 200 more persons. It was a big library, we were going up and down to see everything like idiots, after few turns I have no idea how to get out. Some of the rooms where so small that only few of us could listen why is important this room. That job was in my view horrible, it was like a whole day going up and down on the ladder for and with books, you must carefully in this part because somebody can lock you in the big special cupboard, and then carrying many, many books throught the city on wheelbarrow. So, really not a dream, wholelife job. But for some time, ok. I have luck that I get to the final part of interview after half day. And I was so positive I said that everything is fine, I will like that work, I wouldn´t have problem with works in archive, and after those years, I have no idea who got that work...

8. Student jobs

We already tryed them. Student job on one time, one day, one evening. One of the many which I tryed was to clean the office. I get instructions from one woman: "you will make clean tables and cabinets first with wet dishcloth, then with dry one, then you will polish it." To make all these things on each every part it tooked some time. After really not enough time she came and was surprised that its not already everything done. I really don´t have superpowers...

9. Don´t work with people

I was also on one student job which was a worker in dressing room on of the students parties. The work was to take the coats, give paper with number to person and second paper with number on coat, and give coat on hanger. Then will that person come and will get coat back. In ideal world it will be ok, but we are not in ideal work. The number of people were much higher than number of free hangers. I was trying to calm down all of those people, to explain them the situation, to find the solution, we want only few minutes, of course we didn´t get them. It was horrible, people where screaming, some total big stupid was turning off the light, and it ended that people where throwing down their coats on the floor. Of course some of them get lost, or we have a big problem to find them, and what was doing people? Screaming again. To write something to all these people: if you don´t want to lose your things, don´t throwing them away and wait that they will wait on you...

I can easily continue in this article, but it will be crazy long, so I am ending. If you are reading this, congratulations, you are a bookworm. Its not in bad way wrote, I am also bookworm. Through this article I don´t want you to write that it will be only horrible and you wouldn´t get a job. You will, you can. You can do anything you want. I am only writing that IT WILL BE HARD. GOOD LUCK.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Tip for Trip:

Hrebienok – HighTatras

Hrebienok, located in 1285 m.a.s.l., is one from the easily accessible places in High Tatras.  You will get there from Starý Smokovec by funicular or by walk.  You can go by walk on forest road or asphalt one, the hike takes cca 1 hour. 



From 29.01.2016 to 31.01.2016 were here held the unofficial world championships in sculpted ice sculpture. Event, called Tatry Ice Master, joined teams from 12 countries such as Canda, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Hungary, Iraq, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Turkey and USA. Each day have team different topic. The topics of this year were World fauna, which won the team of Slovak Republic with a statue of a scorpion. The second day was theme History of country where I come from and last was a Free theme. Statues, on which were used tens of tons of ice have 3D design and can be seen for several weeks after the event, of course, depending on weather conditions. For visitors were also prepared ice bars or ice chair on which could visitors sit.

Scorpio of Slovak republic team

Doves of Singapure team 

Totem of Canada´s team


Hrebienok visitors can also see the Ice Dome in baroque style, which is under the dome, where is maintaining a suitable temperature. From 70 tons of ice were created baroque statues, angels who keep an eye on visitors, or columns. The dominant of Ice Dome is St. John the Apostle, protector and patron of sculptors and the temple who has in hand eagle and before him is wolf. Ice Dome is a  venue for concerts, weddings and even theatrical performances. This year, visitors can see for the first time also flowers frozen in ice. Ice Dome should be located on Hrebienok till the end of March, or even to 17.04.2016, of course, the length of the opening will depend on the weather.

  St. John the Apostle


Baroque statues
Tip na výlet:

Hrebienok – Vysoké Tatry

Hrebienok, nachádzajúci sa v 1285 m.n.m., patrí medzi ľahko prístupné miesta vo Vysokých Tatrách. Dostanete sa sem zo Starého Smokovca pozemnou lanovkou, prípadne peši. Túra trvá cca 1 hod. pričom máte možnosť ísť po lesnej ceste alebo po asfaltovej.



Od 29.1.2016 do 31.1.2016 sa tu konali neoficiálne majstrovstvá sveta v tesaní ľadových sôch. Podujatia menom Tatry Ice Master sa zúčastnili tímy z 12 krajín ako Kanada, Česká republika, Holandsko, Maďarsko, Irak, Poľsko, Rusko, Singapur, Slovenská republika, Turecko a USA. Na každý deň mali súťažné tímy zadanú inú tému. Témami tohto roku boli Svetová fauna, ktorú vyhral tím Slovenskej republiky so sochou škorpióna, História krajiny odkiaľ pochádzam a posledná bola Voľná téma. Sochy, na ktoré súťažiaci spotrebovali desiatky ton ľadu majú 3D dizajn a je ich možné vidieť ešte niekoľko týždňov po podujatí, samozrejme v závislosti od počasia. Pre návštevníkov boli pripravené aj ľadové bary či ľadové kreslo, na ktoré si mohli návštevníci sadnúť.

Škorpión tímu Slovenskej republiky

Holubice tímu zo Singapuru 

Socha Totemu Kanadského tímu


Návštevníci Hrebienka si budú môcť pozrieť aj Ľadový Dóm, ktorý je tento rok spravený pod kupolou, kde je udržiavaná vhodná teplota, v barokovom štýle. Zo 70 ton ľadu vytvorili umelci barokové sochy, anjelov, ktorí majú dávať pozor na návštevníkov, či stĺpy. Dominantou Dómu je svätý Ján apoštol, ochranca sochárov a patrón chrámu, ktorý má na ruke orla a pred sebou vlka. Ľadový Dóm, do ktorého je vstup zdarma, je miestom konania koncertov, svadieb či dokonca divadelných predstavení. Tento rok môžu návštevníci vidieť po prvý krát aj zamrznuté kvety v ľade. Ľadový Dóm by sa mal nachádzať na Hrebienku do konca marca, prípadne ešte do 17.4.2016, samozrejme dĺžka otvorenia bude závisieť aj na počasí. 

Pohľad na Svätého Jána apoštola


Barokové sochy